3 Lanes In Mount Rinjani Trekking

Mount Rinjani National Park is one of the National Park that has many attractions in it ranging from valleys, wilderness, waterfall, lake or segara anakan to the top of Mount Rinjani which is very famous beauty both in Indonesia itself and abroad. With so many tourist attractions it is no wonder if Mount Rinjani National Park is always crowded by tourists, especially the climbers who want to climb. The best time to climb in Mount Rinjani Trekking is between July to August where climatic and weather conditions at that time are very supportive. For the climbers there are several options that can be taken path

Via Sembalun Line

On this track the terrain is dominated by savanna and the climbing tracks are clearly visible therefore the climbers need not worry about getting lost on the journey. In addition, the road is also quite easy and not too uphill so it is suitable for beginners climber.

Via Senaru Line

Senaru line is an extreme path because the terrain will be more difficult. But this is perfect for those who like adventure and challenge so that this path also become one of the favorite path of the climbers.

Via Torean Line

Torean line is a path that is often traversed by local people who want to go to hot water baths under immediately tillers. In this Torean track you will find more plantations and fields that are managed by local people.

Before making the climb make sure in advance that the necessary equipment you have prepared in the backpack ranging from hiking equipment, camping to logistics supplies. In addition you also need to pay attention to other small things such as not leaving valuables in the tent without any supervision because of prone to theft, keep in mind the safety during the climb and perform various activities there. You also need to make sure physically and mentally in the prime condition because the climb will be more draining as it approaches the top of Rinjani

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