Easy Ways And Cheap Holiday to Mount Ijen Crater Banyuwangi

Easy Ways And Cheap Holiday to Mount Ijen Crater Banyuwangi . Who said a vacation to the Ijen crater needed a lot of budget, it could be cheap if you knew how to choose transportation and accommodation. Not to forget also the importance of preparing travel plans by collecting information sharing via the internet. There is no public transportation that serves the route to this beautiful destination, its location in the mountains and far from the city center becomes more attraction of the Ijen Crater. Because of the limitations of public transportation facilities, traveling to Ijen Crater can be very expensive for a traveler because they have to pay more for the rental price or charter of a private vehicle to that location.

In fact, choosing a vacation to Ijen Crater is not a difficult thing even though the funds you have are fairly mediocre. Limitations of the contents of your wallet must be handled with care in choosing accommodation and transportation.

Easy Ways And Cheap Holiday to Mount Ijen Crater Banyuwangi

The dominance of foreign tourists in the Ijen Crater so far is not without reason, the more attractive the blue “Fire Blue” global fire is one of the strong reasons for their visit. Well, as Indonesians, we should be proud of the phenomenon of ijen blue fire tour. Are you interested in watching the blue fire? If not, these 5 reasons might make your interest in seeing Blue Fire even bigger.

1. Ijen Blue Flame Tour

Easy Ways And Cheap Holiday to Mount Ijen Crater Banyuwangi


For the sake of blue fire, tourists are willing to make a climb when the early morning is accompanied by cold bone piercing. This amazing natural phenomenon is a special attraction because there are only two in the world, one of which is in the Ijen Crater of Banyuwangi.

Not surprisingly, the Paltuding area or the climbing post to Ijen Crater is crowded with foreign tourists in the morning. However, only a few local tourists are interested in enjoying Blue Fire, it may happen because of a difficult route or due to climbing demands of 3 kilometers to enjoy it.

2. The best route to Ijen Crater

There are two accesses to Ijen Crater, via Bondowoso and Banyuwangi Regencies. Most local and foreign tourists choose Banyuwangi as the main access, ease of accommodation and shorter distance to Paltuding is the reason.

Whereas access from Bondowoso Regency is less desirable, the selection of accommodation is limited and also the distance of Paltuding is quite far from the city center. However, this route is a favorite for midnight tour tourists without staying from Surabaya / Malang because it can cut travel time rather than having to go to Banyuwangi first.

3. Extreme Climbing

Summit attack on Ijen Crater will be draining, the distance of climbing three kilometers and very cold temperatures can hamper the steps of tourists. Tied and climbed to be a challenge, not even a few tourists who surrendered in the middle of the road because they were unable to continue climbing.

Understandably, tourists who visit the Ijen Crater don’t all understand or have climbed. Prime mental and physical readiness is the initial capital that must be prepared before deciding to go to Ijen Crater.

4. The beauty of the crater and the Blue Fire emission

Renting a local guide is very important, considering the location of the blue fire is at the bottom of the crater and is very difficult to reach. Guides will make it easier for tourists, including providing guidance on enjoying the stunning blue flame.

From the lip of the crater, the blue flame can be seen if the conditions are not foggy. However, many tourists are willing to go down to the crater and try to look more closely at the Blue Fire emission.

It would be better not to ignore safety by forcing it down if the condition is not fit, or not using a mask because the smell of sulfur that is very suffocating can interfere with breathing.

5. Transport workers are super strong

Sulfur transport is the other side of Ijen’s attraction for tourists, not even a few who ask for a photo together. For the sake of the rupiah, they were able to carry a basket of about 70 kg of sulfur in one haul, wow !.

Because of the weight, sulfur transport workers can go back and forth after a few steps considering the route is very steep and can be life-threatening. Every tourist who passes the worker must be surprised and salute with their struggle to earn a living.

6. Backpacking tips to Ijen Crater

  • Use Train direct to Banyuwangi

If from the direction of Surabaya / Malang, it is enough to spend less than one hundred thousand for train tickets to Banyuwangi. Even so much money can be for commuting. Do not believe? Please check yourself on the train ticket site. In Banyuwangi, there are a lot of tour providers to Ijen Crater at relatively cheap prices. Ranging between Rp. 250 thousand – Rp. 300 thousand per person.

  • Stay at the Guest House

Don’t worry, dozens of affordable guest houses can be found in the city of Banyuwangi, and also in the Sempol area of Bondowoso. The price is quite cheap compared to staying at a hotel. However, lodging selection is fully adjusted to the needs and allocation of funds of each traveler.

  • Rent a local guide

Not without reason, local guides will greatly help the exciting adventure to Ijen Crater. In addition to the many information that can be obtained, the existence of a local guide will make travel comfort more secure. Each guide has a relative rate, ranging from Rp. 100 thousand – Rp. 200 thousand. Tips, choose a guide long ago via the internet and are local residents. Avoid giving money up front, except the down payment after being sure that the guide can be trusted.

That is Easy Ways And Cheap Holiday to Mount Ijen Crater Banyuwangi  you need to know before heading trip to this volcano. If You don’t have time to plan a vacation to Banyuwangi? just try online travel services like kawahijentour.com . On their website, they offer cheap holiday fees to Mount Ijen with complete facilities and cheap and rational prices

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